Populous World’s invoice finance platform (PIP) has officially transitioned from beta to live mode.


LONDON, 18 February 2019.

The development of PIP is now complete and is fully functioning as a live platform.

12 months ago, we implemented beta v1.0 which allowed us to gain real world experience about how our platform will work when it is out of beta mode. PIP in beta mode contained both new and existing features, and advanced into a progressive build, with changes being made and updated frequently.

During beta, we anticipated bugs and the usual obstacles to overcome, and now thanks to our development team and to our community, particularly those who helped to test and provide feedback, we are thrilled to announce our live status.

The beta test has given us many insights to how our existing software interacts with the users, both invoice sellers and invoice buyers. We are confident that the platform is now ready for commercial use. However, this does not mean we are done with improving the platform. At Populous World, we strive for excellence and we are constantly seeking for ways to improve and tweak the platform.

What does live mean?

Now that PIP is in live mode, we will be able to facilitate a larger capacity of invoices as the system is now prepared to reliably manage users on the blockchain, and to better update users’ details based on the status of their Ethereum addresses on the blockchain.
Live mode enables us to focus on improving users’ experience of PIP, whilst allowing us to find any unknown complexities that may occur on the platform.
Users will also find that the platform will stay online longer and perform at an improved pace.

PIP live also means that we can now fully focus and drive the marketing of our XAUp campaign and welcome more invoices to the platform.

We welcome all constructive feedbacks and comments on how we can provide better services.
In the future, our updates will be scheduled in advance so that users can plan ahead their use of our platform.


Lou Chan
Populous World