Populous World’s Gold Pokens (XAUp) bounty campaign.

LONDON, 11 February 2019.

Populous World’s XAUp bounty campaign is now open!

Total PPT allocated – 75,000

The bounty campaign will run for a total of 8 weeks, starting 11 February 2019.
Follower counts will not be updated after participants have joined the campaign.
If any of the participants do not meet part or all of the requirements, they will automatically be disqualified and payment will be denied.
All original and custom posts must have good spelling and grammar.
Participants shall not unfollow our official page.

Bounty pool allocation


Bitcoin Talk signature campaign 40% bounty pool
Twitter campaign – 30% bounty pool
LinkedIn campaign – 30% bounty pool

Bitcoin Talk Signatures Campaign (40%): 30,000 PPTs


Participants are required to post at least 7 posts per week regarding the XAUp campaign while participating in the bounty in the Alternate Cryptocurrencies forum.
Participants must not have negative trust.
Participants must not post spam, off-topic or meaningless posts.
Only use the correct signature according to your forum rank.

Sign up here!

Jr. Member – 0.25 stake per week
Member – 0.5 stake per week
Full Member – 1 stake per week (+ 0.25 for avatar)
Senior Member – 1.5 stake per week (+0.25 for avatar)
Hero Member – 2 stakes per week (+0.25 for avatar)
Legendary – 2.25 stakes per week (+0.25 for avatar)

Twitter campaign (30%): 22,500 PPTs

• 500-999 real followers
Follow, retweet and like – 0.5 stake per week
Original tweet – 1 stake per week

• 1,000 – 4,999 real followers
Follow, retweet and like – 2 stakes per week
Original tweet – 3 stakes per week

• 5,000 real followers or more
Follow, retweet and like – 3 stakes per week
Original tweet – 4 stakes per week


Weekly re-tweet and like of our official Gold Poken tweet.
2 custom tweets per week on the XAUp campaign.

All participants must follow our official Twitter account @bitpopulous
Participants must pass a Twitter audit with a score of 90% or more and mainly tweet about cryptocurrencies.
All retweets and original tweet must be regarding the XAUp campaign

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LinkedIn campaign (30%): 22,500 PPTs

200 – 500 followers – 1 stake per week
501 – 1000 followers – 2 stakes per week
1001 – 2000 followers – 3.5 stakes per week
2000+ followers – 5 stakes per week

Participants must be following our official LinkedIn account @populousworld
Participants must be primarily in the crypto sphere and have a public account.
Participants must have at least 200 followers.
All participants must post 1 original post and share 3 posts relating to XAUp per week.
To make valid content, posts must contain the hashtag #XAUp #GoldPoken and have 100 characters or more regarding XAUp.
Posts less than the valid number of words will not qualify.
The posts must not be removed from your personal page until the end of the bounty campaign. The posts must be public.
Participants must be the owner of the LinkedIn accounts you’ll use and joining with multiple accounts is not allowed.