Populous World’s Beta set to go live May 1st 2018


LONDON, 5th March 2018

The launch of live Beta is on track for May 1st, 2018. A date highly anticipated by the team behind Populous World.

Populous World’ Beta will transition into beta-live on the date, starting with a few selected PPT holders to benefit from being able to trade a live invoice from real companies. To achieve that, PPT holders can pledge their PPT for Poken, which can then be used to purchase a pre-selected single invoice on the platform.
The purpose of beta-live is to allow Populous World to put the platform and technologies in a monitored, controlled environment to determine if there is an “OK” signal to start accepting the massive influx of PPT holders who are eager to begin purchasing real invoices, helping businesses with short-term cash flow and making use of our available XBRL data.
The selected PPT Holders will have access to a gradual roll-out of invoices during the beta-live period to start with, which will be ramping up in volume as the platform prepares to be opened to the general public.

In the case of any unforeseeable incidents that may hinder the release of the platform, the Populous World team will communicate it immediately.
Built on the blockchain technology, Populous World allows global investors to bid real-time on invoices to provide them with competitive prices, compared to more centralised competitors of invoice discounting platforms.


Lou Chan
Head of Marketing, Populous World.