Populous World successfully closes world’s first invoice sale on the blockchain.

LONDON — 29th May 2018

About a month ago, the team at Populous World celebrated a monumental achievement where the Populous invoice discounting platform successfully launched a crowd sale where sixteen participants managed to purchase an invoice collectively on the block chain.

Fast forward to today, Populous World are proud to announce that they have received the repayment for the invoice which signifies the closing of the very first invoice sold on the block chain.

With the repayment of the invoice, all participants of the purchase will now automatically receive profit Pokens prorated to the group bid placed. Pokens are the credits given in return for the Populous Platform Tokens, (PPT’s) that are utilised on the platform.

Each of these Pokens are pegged to a major currency, in this case GBP. The GBP Pokens will be withdraw able from the platform by the participants who receives the profit Pokens, and can be stored in any Ethereum wallet as they are ERC-20 tokens. With seamless integration to the platform, Pokens that are withdrawn can be deposited into the unique Ethereum address provided to each user.

While these Pokens can be redeemed as fiat currency, withdrawn as ERC-20 tokens or be used to settle withdrawal fees, they currently cannot be used to purchase new invoices on the platform.

Populous World is an invoice discounting platform built on the block chain. The block chain serves to increase transparency of invoices sold, the accuracy of bids placed and global participation. With the first invoice crowd sale closing successfully, we look forward to welcoming many more invoices and users on the platform.


Lou Chan
Head of Marketing, Populous World.