Populous World partners up with Cashaa.


LONDON, 30th May 2018

Populous World have announced their newest partnership with the blockchain based banking platform Cashaa.

Founded in 2016, Cashaa, have impressively built an innovative banking platform that will allow anyone, with or without a traditional bank account, to exchange and transfer fiat money and cryptocurrencies. Since their establishment, Cashaa have already developed the beta and tested the solution with 12,770 users across 141 countries with transactions amounting to $10 million dollars. Cashaa operates just like a traditional bank but is built on blockchain technology with digital currencies and global services in mind. Like other blockchain-based financial institutions, Cashaa plans to differentiate itself from traditional banks by providing low-cost currency exchanges around the world, easy access to digital currencies, better foreign exchange rates, and lower fees due to reduced overhead costs. Cashaa’s main objective is simple; to become the next generation banking platform for the next billion.

Populous World’s platform provides invoice discounting solutions to accelerate business’s growth and obtain longevity, by using advanced blockchain and big data processing technologies effectively. Identifying the synergies between both entities, Populous platform and Cashaa are eager to build their partnership for the future and have collaborated to make the Cashaa wallet available to all Populous World users! The relationship with Cashaa enables the users to have access to the Cashaa wallet once they have passed the necessary due diligence processes. The wallet will provide our users an additional mean of access to their spendable Pokens via the wallet. The partnership will also help the Cashaa network and community to grow. It is expected that millions of new customers will be drawn to using the Cashaa wallet due to the fast paced and fast-growing invoice discounting industry.

”We are excited to combine the power of two great Blockchain companies to solve the problems of many businesses across the globe. Once users purchase the invoices using PPT, they can use the Cashaa wallet (which is powered by CAS tokens) to utilise their profit Pokens in 210 countries, within minutes. The Cashaa wallet will be available to all our users once they have gone through our KYC process. Apart from having the necessary regulatory approvals, we were also impressed by the way Cashaa completed its KYC and refunded more than 14.7 Million USD to ensure they will have no trouble in obtaining their licenses” — Stephen Williams, CEO Populous World.

Populous World looks forward to building a fruitful relationship with Cashaa.

Established in 2016, the Populous World invoice discounting platform was an idea-turned-reality when commercial data expert, Stephen Williams, envisioned a platform for invoice financing and customer acquisition via ‘big data’. Stephen pioneered the idea of using XBRL to data mine for prospective clients in the invoice finance-marketing sector which have also lead to the development of the very first Business Intelligence platform built on the blockchain.

”The objective of our union is to provide all Populous World users and the administrative team with a faster and cost-effective global payment method, that would enable them to transfer money anywhere in the world. The Cashaa wallet is the smart Blockchain digital wallet, that standouts for both processing speed and transaction fees; money from the Cashaa wallet can be transferred to recipients to 210 countries, in minutes, using liquidity of 5 Trillion USD FX market” — Kumar Gaurav, CEO Cashaa.
For more information about the platforms, please visit us at Populous.world


Lou Chan

Head of Marketing, Populous World.