Populous World Launches Business Intelligence Platform, PXP.

For Immediate Release.

LONDON, 18th December, 2019.

Populous World are proud to announce that their Business Intelligence unit’s platform, PXP, is officially live today.

PXP will allow users to explore the platform’s big data analytic functionalities. The purpose of PXP is for organisations to explore the data visualisation process, assess your audience and to determine the needs they are trying to meet.

Powered by XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) and other data sets, PXP presents many exciting and easy-to-use features in tandem with the novel use of big data. For a start, users can experience the depth of XBRL data sets of hundreds of thousands of companies and deliver data-driven insights to support actionable strategies.
PXP will revolutionise the way organisations perform their business intelligence activities as PXP aims to balance the business landscape by potentially removing asymmetric information to the parties.

The Power of XBRL

XBRL allows Populous World to extract the reported financial terms and data from company annual reports submitted to Companies House. PXP allows users to extract XBRL data from our platform for their own use. Users can extract annual company reports that allows PXP to compare multiple company financial situations year by year, enabling users to maximise XBRL data to create their own reports and carry out credit risk checks.

PXP has tailored use cases for sectors such as consultants, educational institutions and sales & marketing.

Example of a Use Case:

PXP is available for educational institutions worldwide to harness the power of data. The platform will allow students and faculty members access to petabytes of data and a powerful visualisation tool. Educational institutions equipped with PXP’s big data platform provides their users with unparalleled access to data. More importantly, the platform is not restricted to physical terminals on campus, as users will be able to access the platform globally on their own devices.

Educational institutions will be able to better integrate real time data, research, analytics and visualisation tools into their teaching curriculum and faculty research. PXP can uncover answers that students need relating to strategy management, financial analytics and predictive analytics.

Visualisation Tool

Organisations are now able to use PXP’s built-in data visualisation tools. Combining data, research and visualisation tools, sales personnel and marketers can convey key messages to their clients and target recipients. By making complex data into charts, graphs and heat maps, they can gain a deeper understanding of the data at hand. The visualisation tool includes but is not limited to:

• Determining variables in datasets.
• Predicting trends and creating projections.
• Identifying geographic regions and areas that need attention.

Steve Nico Williams, CEO of Populous World, said,

PXP is incomparably innovative compared to other datasets. Not only is it uniquely suited to empower the decision-making process for organisations and provide them with digestible, easy to read data sets in a simple and cost-effective way, it is the only Business Intelligence platform that uses XBRL data, which essentially reduces the engine cost. 
In a nutshell, PXP will bring a profitable change to the way we use business intelligence and research platforms for the foreseeable future.

Populous World invites organisations to try PXP, conceptualise and implement well-structured dashboards, tap into big data applications across multiple domains, industries and locations.

To sign up, visit: https://bi.populous.world/