How To Deposit Money Into Your Populous World Account

In this short guide, we will explain how to deposit money into your Populous World account.

1. Log in with your username and password.

2. On the Wallet section click on the Bank Deposit link.

3. Open your preferred banking provider, then continue to fill out the Payee’s bank details with the details provided on your Populous World account.

4. Provide the amount to be transferred to Populous World Account, don’t forget to input the reference that’s provided to you. Once details are added review and confirm the transfer of funds.

5. To validate whether your transfer has been deposited into your Populous World account, log in and visit the wallet page again, then click on the ‘Exchange link’. In this section, any completed transaction will be listed.

For a demonstration tutorial on the above steps, please click below:

For further support, contact a member of our team: [email protected]