Does Invoice Financing help with the growth and success of your business?

Invoice financing enhances credit and cash flow and propels your business on the right path to growth.  Due to late or non-payments by suppliers and vendors, businesses can get trapped into poor credit situations where it may become challenging to maintain the daily functions of your business.  Companies that have adopted invoice financing have found that it has boosted cash flow and helped to alleviate poor credit conditions.

Cash flow problems in business can cause major interruptions to operations. These problems are often avoidable, because they reflect only a temporary reduction in the amount of money available and do not reflect the actual earnings during the year.

Are traditional loans a thing of the past?

Bank loans and overdrafts can be hard to obtain in today’s current market, due to high fees and interest rates, and businesses are looking for an alternative source of funding. 

Invoice financing instantly improves and builds your cash that has been tied up in outstanding invoices.  In a competitive environment, businesses are almost always in dire need of cash for keeping their business operations alive and running. No business can afford to waste time, efforts, energies, and most importantly cost, on chasing their customers for making timely payments, as you may not achieve success even if you constantly chase them.  
This situation can damage your credit or cash flow, driving you to adopt measures to boost and improve your cash flow.

Only an effective Invoice Finance plan can work

For unlocking the cash tied up in outstanding invoices and improving your cash flow, it would be ideal to acquire an effective invoice financing plan or search out and select the right invoice financing vendor who can offer you the best price, whilst charging minimal fees upfront.

Invoice financing companies such as Populous World may advance you up to 95% of the face value, making it clear that they only charge a nominal fee for their services.  However, if you intend to select an ‘invoice factoring’ financing package, you may be charged slightly more as your financing company will chase up your invoices on your behalf.

Whether you are looking for invoice finance, factoring, or invoice discounting, including forward finance, recruitment finance, construction finance and export finance, alternative invoice financiers can bridge the cash flow crunches and help you get back on track, and pave the way to longevity and success.

What other advantages are there to Invoice Financing?

Besides providing fast and easy access to money and financial stability and flexibility, invoice financing also prevents your debts from mounting, allowing you to establish more control and smooth management over your day-to-day business operations and finances.

>> Is your business in need of fast, short-term financing? Do you need to access cash faster than your customers pay you?

Populous World is an Invoice Finance provider that unlocks working capital for UK businesses.

Bridging your business’s cash flow gap is something that Populous World excels in delivering, providing you with the funding tools to grow and sustain your business.

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