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Complete a company credit check with business intelligence tools.

A company credit check is the act of searching for a company online, through a company search provider with the aim of getting company information, and in particular company accounts information.

Business intelligence or BI is a set of practices of collecting, structuring, analysing, and turning raw data into actionable business insights. BI considers methods and tools that transform unstructured data sets, compiling them into easy-to-grasp reports or information dashboards.

The main purpose of BI is to provide actionable business insights and support data-driven decision making.

What you can see from company credit reports

Company credit reports are an imperative component of analysis, and when viewed should be read to make data understandable and ready for easy, efficient and accurate analysis. To list a few examples:

1. Background (including date of incorporation) and industry of the company

2. Current year performance of the company via Altman Z-score and financial ratios

3. Performance history of the company

4. Credit history from Populous World (invoice discounting) platform

5. Comparison with competitors

Get Answers with Data Visualisation

BI companies such as PXP implement built-in data visualisation tools. By combining data, research and visualisation tools, professionals such as sales personnel and marketers can convey key messages to their clients and target recipients.

By turning complex data into charts, graphs and heat maps, they can gain a deeper understanding of the data at hand.
The visualisation tool includes but is not limited to:

  • Financial health and company accounts of a business
  • Determining variables in dataset
  • Predicting trends and creating projections.
  • Identifying geographic regions and areas that need attention

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