What You Need To Know About PXP Data Analytics

PXP, is a Business Intelligence (BI) platform, that utilises eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) and big data analytics, allowing businesses to see and understand data in a meaningful,simple visual form, create company credit reports and find out a business credit score.

Populous World’s Business Intelligence platform

The Populous World XBRL (PXP) platform offers business intelligence solutions, and provides an easier understanding of data visualisation, which allows for a business to gain a competitive stance within their industry. With the PXP platform, users and investors can access company credit reports and determine a business credit score, which compresses weighty statistics into digestible information.

Populous World’s business intelligence platform and the benefits of big data analytics can be used by retailers to gain a powerful advantage in a highly competitive space, enabling the following key factors:

· Assess a company’s financial performance — with this knowledge, businesses such as retailers can see if competing stores are profitable and what their default risks are.

· Identify companies that have similar profiles via the ‘PXP’ heat maps; stores can determine criteria such as size, industry and location — this provides an understanding of the demographics that visit stores.

· Track stores that offer similar products to the same targeted consumer, and look at complex organisational structures in concise, simple formats.

· Access to essential company details such as background information, financial history plus relevant topics and industry news.

· With so much data available, it can be impossible to absorb and understand so much information. PXP shows your results graphically and in a compressed format to help you digest and display your research.

· Implement your results into analysis or business development projects, and helps to pinpoint who your customers are and what engages them.

· Import data into your own database and CRM systems, from this, stores can learn more about existing and prospective customers.

· Compare competitors against each other — with this information, retailers can use this to their competitive advantage and create new strategies for product development and expansion.

PXP Data Analytics

The Populous World XBRL platform (PXP) offers business intelligence solutions, and provides an easier understanding of data visualisation, accelerates a business’s growth and achieve longevity, by using advanced big data processing technologies effectively.

With the platform, business enterprises and investors can access a company credit report and business credit checks, which compresses weighty statistics into digestible information.

>>Does your organisation need big data analytics tools to make faster, intelligent decisions?<<

With PXP you can make your data easier to understand, simpler to communicate, and much more useful. You can create a company credit report containing company financial accounts and information – this includes a business credit score, built with multiple financial and non-financial datasets that take into account a company’s financial strength

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