Convert your Outstanding Invoices into Working Capital for your Business.

Invoice finance is a simple, fast and flexible of getting the cash flow your business needs to grow.

A lack of working capitalcan lead to the inability to achieve long term prosperity and attract investors. Lack of capital is an alarming sign. It shows that a business might not be able to pay its bills, loan, and other financial commitments. Lack of capital makes it difficult to grow the business and it may jeopardise day-to-day operations.

There is a common misconception that adopting a factoring facility is an admission of failure or not managing cash flow properly. However, this is not the case. Invoice finance is a positive funding mechanism for any business and is a great tool to maintain healthy cash flow management and be prepared for any cash flow shortfalls for the future. Invoice factoring companies simply allows a business to just be prepared for any future unexpected payments or operational disruptions.

Businesses that offer customers credit can run into trouble even when the company is performing really well. Late payment of invoices is a notorious problem in the business-to-business sector, and when it happens regularly it can cause an imbalance in a company’s cash flow.

A business with long payment cycles with customers or a heap of outstanding invoices turn to invoice finance for a variety of reasons:

  • The business is growing too fast and needs to collect cash quicker than the customers take to pay them to fund new orders.
  • A product based business may not be able to wait for invoices to be paid as it may leave them short in stock for a long period of time.
  • No more capacity at bank; Perhaps the business has run out of banking facilities and does not want to take out an overdraft or credit card.
  • Short term relief; The business chooses invoice finance because they don’t want to take out a long term loan.
  • Start Ups – You may be a young business that can’t get approved for credit or an overdraft.

Why choose Populous World as your Factoring Company?

Bespoke invoice discounting facility: our innovative platform allows you to pick and choose which invoices you want to factor, rather than having to commit to factoring your entire sales ledger. Factoring single invoices that suits your requirements.

Flexibility – By selecting which invoices you finance, you can credit insure that invoice without having to get a full turnover cover. Moreover, you get the quality of care; we truly value our clients and want to see them succeed.

Quick Approval – once we verify all checks, funds can reach your bank account within 24 hours.

Competitive rates – Populous World understands the needs of small to medium sized businesses, and our fees truly reflect that. We understand that businesses require as much working capital being reinvested into the business as possible. However, it’s often that these very businesses are charged the most for short team cash flow solutions.

Fees – No set up/hidden service fee: We do not believe in hidden clauses that eats into your bottom line. At Populous World, our fees are transparent and you know what you are paying for.

No lengthy contracts – Sell your invoices with us without having to commit to fixed lengthy contracts.

Choose your facility – Populous World is a factoring company will take on the role of managing your sales ledger and chasing customers for payment. This frees up time that would have otherwise been spent on phone calls and letters to customers.

Invoice discounting is a second variation on invoice finance, generally used by larger companies that need capital funds for growth. Unlike factoring, invoice discounting allows a business to keep control of its sales ledger.
You can choose to invoice your customers and deal with them as normal when recovering payment on the due date or Populous World chases late payments from your customers giving you the option to use either invoice discounting or invoice factoring.

For more information on funding options available for your business, please contact a member of our team: [email protected]