Beta version 1.0 is open today!

PRESS RELEASE: Populous World is to implement Beta v1.0 on 9th Feb 2018 at 1750GMT today.

LONDON, 09th Feb 2018.

What is Beta?

All types of computer products, from operating systems to computer games are usually beta tested before general release, to test performance and identify any issues. In fact, many software publishers and developers will have beta tester application forms that can be submitted online.

Allowing beta testers to try out software and provide feedback to the developer is a great way for the program to get some real world experience and to identify how it will work when it is out of beta.

Beta testers are usually asked to give as much feedback as they can about the beta software — what sort of crashes are occurring, if the beta software or other parts of their computer or device are behaving strangely, etc.

In a nutshell, Beta helps the platform to find bugs and security risks.

So what is Populous World releasing?

Version 1.0 entails Populous’ latest build progress containing both new and existing features, and will be released as a progressive build, with changes being made and updated frequently.

V1.0 will be released with limited functionalities of the software such as creating crowd sales, (auction for invoice), receiving and withdrawing test pokens from admin. Initially, the beta is not set to be released until the end of February, so users should not expect this to be a finalised version, but it will give users the opportunity to first hand experience the software and explore the different functionalities of the platform.

However, version 2.0 that will be updated in one week, is set to release the functionalities of bid on invoices via individual and group, determine winners at the closing of the auction and demonstrate the flow of pokens from the winning bidder(s) to the invoice seller. V2.0 will also include the ability to view all participants in a crowdsale.

The main purpose is to test the functionalities of the software that we are relating on Beta, users should be advised to not send real PPT, fiat or real KYC data as this is a testing platform.


Lou Chan
Head of Marketing, Populous World.