Beta v2.0 set to release 16/02/2018

London, 15th February 2018

One week on from launching v1.0, and ahead of schedule of the new timeline, the team at Populous World have been grinding away and are thrilled to announce that v2.0 will open tomorrow at 1800 GMT.

The latest version encompasses new features and functionalities that the developers at Populous World are excited for users to explore.

The functionalities of V2.0 includes:

Bidding on invoices in a crowd sale and outbid peers in real time, either as an individual or contribute to a group that has made a bid to fund the bigger invoices

Win (or lose) bids and witness the close of auctions. Use test Pokens in a simulated environment.

As well the new functions, many issues and bugs have been updated since the release of v1.0

What has changed?

Fixed: Broken icon images — missing icons (error_msg, functionality, correctness, no response, unexpected response) is now in working and proper use.

Fixed: Selection of transaction start date has been corrected. Users are now able to select the start date of a previous transaction prior to today’s date to view past transaction history.

Fixed: Invoice market activity — the word ‘End’ has now been changed to ‘Due’ so that users can relate to invoice due dates and not end of auction dates.

Fixed: Close Menu — the close ‘X’ has been changed to match font and style from corner to corner on each page.

Fixed: Search features -magnifying glass tool has been added by each ‘search’ bar to signify the options. The search box suggestion options are now in consistency with each other.

Fixed: Blank screens — previously when clicking on ‘Exchanger’ and ‘Available 10001.00’ a blank screen would appear, this has now been rectified.

Fixed: Market and Wallets page — previously when clicking on ‘Exchanger’ it would lead to an ‘Unexpected Response’ and ‘Unexpected Behaviour’ window. This has now been resolved.

Fixed: Re wording of email message boxes have been changed.

Fixed: Settings page — a ‘Back’ button has been implemented.

Full update notes:


Lou Chan

Head of Marketing, Populous.