Accelerate Your Cash Flow with Accounts Receivable Financing

Unlocking the value of your invoices or accounts receivable may have been challenging in the past, but in today’s financial climate there are funding solutions that allow your business to obtain factoring funding on your outstanding invoices instantly.

Accounts receivable finance (factoring) is also referred to as —financing receivables, AR funding, AR finance, selling accounts receivable, invoice factoring and invoice discounting—however, they all are used for one single purpose – to obtain fast funding on the basis of your unsettled or outstanding invoices.

Flexible Finance for Your Business That Help Accelerate Your Cash Flow and Fuels Growth

Without a doubt, invoice finance accelerates your cash flow, and hence growth, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes across various industries, domains, and markets to boost their working capital and grow as a whole. In simplest terms, invoice factoring, or accounts receivable financing (factoring) can help frees your cash that is tied up in your outstanding invoices, which can help you meet your everyday operating expenses.

Since conventional banks have to examine the company’s profitability index, credit score, history and current balance sheet strength, it may take up to several weeks to get your bank loan request approved for funding. Unlike commercial banks, a factoring company can offer maximum flexibility and save a lot of management time.

Businesses who don’t qualify for bank loan financing can take advantage of a factoring facility to fund their cash flow needs to continuously grow and expand their business operations. Furthermore, businesses experiencing seasonal demand challenges due to a cash flow shortfall can partner with a reputable invoice factoring company to gear up their business game.

Is Invoice Finance (Factoring) Right For You?

In the situation where you are in need of fast cash on the basis of your outstanding invoices from your business customers, an effective solution is to adopt invoice finance. Aaccounts receivable finance (factoring or invoice discounting) is used across almost each and every industry, from manufacturers to wholesalers to professional B2B, ZB2C services and more. 

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