Accelerate Your Cash Flow with Accounts Receivable Finance

Unlocking the value of your invoices or accounts receivable may have been challenging in the past, however, today there are a variety of Peer-to-Peer funding options available to obtain instant working capital on your outstanding invoices.

Account receivable finance, is also referred to by many terms—invoice factoring, invoice discounting, financing receivables and selling accounts receivable, however, they all are used for one single purpose – to access fast funding against your outstanding receivables.

Flexible Finance for Your Business That Helps Accelerate Your Cash Flow and Fuels Growth

Without a doubt, this type of finance helps accelerate your cash flow to sustain a health operational flow whilst allowing you to focus on what really matters – growing your business.

Invoice factoring is ideal for businesses of all sizes across various industries, domains, and markets to boost their working capital and grow as a whole. In simplest terms, invoice factoring, or accounts receivable financing (factoring) can help free up your cash that is locked up in lengthy payment cycles with customers.

Since conventional banks have to examine the company’s profitability index, credit score, and history and current balance sheet strength, it may take up to several weeks to get your bank loan request approved and get funding. Unlike commercial banks, invoice factoring companies can offer maximum flexibility and save a lot of management time.

The businesses who don’t qualify for bank loan financing can take advantage of accounts receivable financing (factoring) to fund their operating needs for healthy cash flow management. Also, businesses experiencing seasonal demand challenges due to a cash flow crisis can partner with a reputable invoice factoring company to gear up their business game.

An Innovative Lending Method for a New Era of Financing

Peer-to-peer lending is a system that connects lenders with borrowers for a service fee. This makes it possible for lenders to borrow money at lower interest rates. Additionally, lenders who were not eligible for loans from banks and other financial corporations can now unlock the required funds without having to face too many barriers.

A reputable factoring facility will be able to offer a lending formula which involves the process of selling invoices for cash. To alleviate cash flow problems, SMEs now have an option to utilise online funding platforms such as Populous World, a factoring facility that allows businesses to place invoices on an online auction model.

Populous World is the first platform to utilise Ethereum blockchain technology for invoice finance. Blockchain implements transparency and efficiency to the process and transactions, ensuring that risk of fraud and costs are all positively affected. The platform provides the means for global investors to participate in an auction of invoices, the advantage of this being cross border payments can be taken within seconds, allowing the invoice sellers to receive their cash instantly directly into their bank account. This effective funding formula provides substantial short-term funding solutions to increase business activities, allowing entrepreneurs to receive working capital up front, at a low discount rate.

For start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small business owners that have experienced difficult challenges to borrow capital from traditional lending platforms, access to fast lending is more prominent and accessible thanks to Populous World’s innovative lending platform.

At Populous Wold, we implore businesses to explore the right invoice finance method to ensure they have the most suitable facility.
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