5 Ways UK Small Businesses Raise Capital

In the UK, small business owners look for secure ways of funding to get their business going, purchase inventory or to help sustain operations and fuel growth. 

If your business falls into this category, here are 5 ways on how to raise capital:

1. Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance is a perfect example of how businesses in the UK can obtain short-term funding if they have outstanding invoices or customers that pay slowly. Enlisting a factoring facility such as Populous World can provide small businesses in the UK with the working capital they need to bridge the gap between creditors when they stumble upon cash flow shortfalls.

2. Friends & Family 

Supportive friends and family could be a flexible and reliable way to raise finance for your business. The advantage is that they may offer loans without interest or security. They may also offer you a longer repayment plan since they already know your character and financial circumstances.

3. Investment

Providing you have a detailed business plan, raising capital through investment can be the key to getting your company up and running. Investors will not require proven credit history, additionally, many small business investors already have the expertise to help you strategically grow your company.

4. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a popular funding tool that utilizes technology to facilitate the connection between companies seeking capital and investors seeking growth for the capital that they have to invest.

5. Apply For A Loan

Despite technology creating easier and innovative ways of raising finance, traditional loans remain the primary source of how small businesses in the UK fund their operations. Before applying for a small business loan, be prepared to show required documents to show that you are eligible for the loan.

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Populous World is a factoring provider that unlocks working capital for UK small businesses.

Bridging your business’s cash flow gap is something that Populous World excels in delivering, providing you with the funding tools to grow and sustain your business.

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