4 Invoice Discounting Facts

Alternative lending platforms have gained considerable attention in the banking industry due to their ability to utilize technology to make financial transactions faster and easier for users.

In this digital age, invoice finance providers have risen in popularity since business owners are attracted to digitally based platforms that allow them to apply for funding that supports company growth. With access to working capital through a product such as invoice discounting, businesses can invest in other important areas that could otherwise remain neglected.

Depending on how desperately your business needs the cash, invoice discounting could be an ideal match.

Invoice discounting provides speed and flexibility, but that comes at a cost. The service can be expensive. So it’s sensible for any business that needs cash in the short term to consider as many invoice finance providers as possible to ensure it chooses the one that best meets its requirements.

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4 Benefits of Invoice Discounting:

1. Confidentiality. In the case of invoice discounting, confidentiality can be maintained by the provider. The suppliers and customers will not be aware of the borrowings of the company against sales invoices. The agreement between the financier and you/your business is not disclosed to your customers.

2. High advance cash flow. Invoice discounting provides improved cash flow since up to 95% of the advance invoice amount (receivable) can be converted into cash and successfully filling in working capital shortfalls.

3. Speed. Invoice discounting is significantly quicker and faster to procure cash than applying for a loan in which credit institutions or banks take quite a lot of time in the credit approval process. 

4. Unlocks cash. Invoice discounting provides liquid cash to business as soon as an invoice is issued. It accelerates cash inflow by converting sales receivables into cash. The cash injection can be invested in core business activities, increased production, increasing sales, pursuing growth, capital investment, repaying critical debts etc.

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