Populous World imbedding a niche into invoice financing

Invoice financing is an effective way to mitigate customer risks including upfront costs and can help SMEs transition into a competitive stance in the marketplace.

Invoice financing, an asset-based lending process ensures a complete financial service integrating efficient and immediate cash flow management especially in the case of unpaid invoices, a common hurdle for businesses.

Research shows that one of the greatest perceived obstacles for SMEs to initiate growth is working capital and cash flow. By adopting invoice financing, SMEs are able to obtain better cash management through more efficient monitoring of receivables. It relieves a business of any concerns of recovery sums due and the management of credit customers. The outcome of invoice financing is that it enables SMEs to have the majority of the value of their invoices advanced immediately. The method is typically used by businesses that have lengthy payment cycles with its consumers, and according to the Asset Based Finance Association, the invoice financing sector saw a 38% rise in businesses in 2017 using invoice finance and stated that asset-based lending is increasingly portraying itself as a mainstream finance option.

Essentially, by enlisting invoice finance, a company invoices their customer and releases up to 90% of the approved invoice total immediately advanced by the finance provider, with the remaining 10% paid once their customer settles the balance. This provides the company with necessary working capital so it can then invest time into expanding its business without having to wait for invoices to be paid.

For SMEs this influx of cash flow can be particularly alluring as it alleviates stress and eliminates the micro management of tasks that involve worrying over payment deadlines internally within their business operations. Adequate and flexible funding will therefore maximise SMEs plans to execute growth and global opportunities.

How Populous World plays a key role in invoice financing ?

Populous World innovatively contributes to the invoice financing industry for many significant reasons. One of the niche advantages of Populous World is that the platform combines blockchain technology, XBRL data, and the Altman Z-score (to determine credit ratings) to create an auction platform. By utilising its technology backed platform, global investors are able to participate in the auction of invoices, the advantage of this being cross border payments can be taken within seconds, allowing the invoice sellers to receive their cash instantly. This effective funding formula provides substantial short term funding solutions to increase business activities, allowing SMEs to receive more cash flow or working capital up front, at a lower discounted rate.

Populous World facilitates SMEs to execute the value of their invoices to their customers advanced, putting cash flow worries at ease and empowers important cash flow management. The rise of invoice finance to SMEs is displayed in its progressively growing acclaim. Members of ABFA18, reported that funding levels have increased and findings demonstrate that an increasing number of SMEs are now more aware of the benefits of selling receivables and how it can favourably impact on the business’ financial credibility and profile to lenders and financial institutions. Considering this, Populous World have understatedly paved a new way to invoice financing.

Lou Chan, Populous World.

Populous World helps a wide range of SMEs to fill cash flow gaps. For more information or to speak to a funding specialist, visit: https://populous.world/invoice-finance/for-businesses.html