Populous World paves the way into the Indian market by signing a deal with TradeSpace


LONDON, 24th June 2018

The team at Populous World have announced a collaboration deal with TradeSpace, an invoice factoring platform based in India. This combined alliance between the two companies is designed to accelerate more invoices for Populous World, with the cooperation of TradeSpace and their technology driven platform.

TradeSpace is an Indian invoice finance platform helping India based businesses that supply products to multinational companies. The Indian businesses will use their unpaid invoices and raise capital for their company. At the same time invoice buyers can purchase invoices for a high return in less time at a very low risk.

Currently, the Populous World road-map is still on track, intending to march the global platform into a breakthrough within the UK and Hong Kong invoice discounting markets, having said that, a great opportunity has also been discovered in India, where the Populous World team see an opening for a dynamic impact to be made and are ensuring to be the first in the game to synchronise with this.

Inside the invoice discounting industry, large corporations are currently being charged 18% p.a. (1.5% p.m.) in the UK.

In India, similar companies are being charged 1.75% p.m. and sometimes more, despite having their main operations based in the UK. The agreement with Trade Space will create a synergistic approach for both our platforms, where these companies will get better rates globally, whilst Populous World will increase the presence of invoices on our platforms.

Populous World and TradeSpace highly anticipate invoices to be supplied onto the platform within the upcoming weeks. This means invoice buyers will have more variations in the sorts of invoices which they can participate in.


Lou Chan
Head of Marketing, Populous World.